Understanding the Post-Industrial City:

metropolis, urban renewal and public space




Joint PhD Seminar


3-4 December 2009

Goethe Institut, Lisbon, Portugal






This Joint PhD Seminar is organised under the scope of the joint research exchange programme on post-industrial urbanism between the Faculty of Architecture-TU Lisbon and the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and welcomes papers from PhD candidates interested in the discussion of their PhD Research according to the themes addressed by the program: Metropolis, Urban Renewal and Public Space.


This seminar aims to contributing to knowledge on contemporary urban development by creating a common research framework where interdisciplinary approaches to the post-industrial city may contribute to a detailed insight into both general trends and particular projects. It looks at the different strategies in political programmes, architectural approaches, urban planning and social and artistic interventions.


Track 1 Metropolis

chairs: Prof. Sofia  Morgado / Prof. Frank Eckardt

Track 2 Urban Renewal

chairs: Prof. João Pedro Costa / Prof. Harald Kegler

Track 3 Public space

chairs: Prof. Manuela Mendes / Prof. Max Welch Guerra











The Research Programme


Joint PhD Seminar